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18 mars 2007 7 18 /03 /mars /2007 03:07

Quelques images tirées de Move America Forward !! La caravane est arrivée à Washington. Des milliers de drapeaux ont été collectées !! Des milliers d'américains ont manifesté leur soutien à la lutte contre la terreur !! Des centaines d'articles de presses américaines ont relaté cette grande marche !!

Une fois de plus, le peuple américain refuse la fatalité !!
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Melanie Morgane a écrit ceci dans le mail qu'elle envoie à ses soutiens :<br /> <br /> Melanie Morgan here in Washington, D.C. I have been working on a big plan for the past few days and now I am sharing with you the shocking ad that will take America by storm.<br /> <br /> International ANSWER and all the anti-war/anti-military crowd FAILED! They said they'd have over 100,000 people marching and guess what? They had less than 5,000. Jane Fonda was a no-show, recognizing the disaster they had on their hands.<br /> <br /> Meanwhile, our historic "These Colors Don't Run" national pro-troop caravan was met by thousands of motivated people who were not going to remain silent any longer. And then it all culminated in the giant "Gathering of Eagles" pro-troop/pro-veteran event that rocked Washington, D.C. with patriotism, support for our troops and pride in our nation.<br /> <br /> Now we step up our efforts in a way that will put George Soros and those in the anti-war crowd on the defensive.<br /> <br /> Watch the ad, then send it on to everyone you can. We're not going to back down - we're going to persevere and prevail... for the good of our troops and for the good of our nation. <br /> <br /> 5 000 anti guerres !! Le bide, quoi !!